Monday, September 18, 2006

Woke up this morning, got myself a gun

Tony Soprano
is 45 Today

James Gandolfini
"You wanna talk rules?
You wanna talk all that old-school bullshit?
Then remember this rule:
I am the motherfuckin'-fuckin'
one who calls the shots!"
Tony Soprano


EJL said...

inquiring minds want to Tony Soprano..just b/c he is a mob that why he gets so many hot chicks?

(S)wine said...

it's because he's a fictitious character.

Anonymous said...

did you see the quote, ellie? It's because he's got such a way with words.

That stuff melts my heart.

Anonymous said...

When is it going to be on again? I'm paying like 20 bucks for HBO and all I watch is Sopranos and Big Love.

Tbone Stallone said...

Its b/c Tony Soprano is all that is man.
That sort of one finger gesture to get a woman to come over and blow you under the table, in the middle of poping a joke that makes the room piss pants, safely knowing that your brother-in-law is losing a thumb for raising his voice to your sister, only to be admired and deeply feared by every man with the diamond stones to look into your ''wrestled-the-devil-and-won," fuck his wife, kick-babyface, no remorse eyes.

EJL said...

stallone I think you have it right...
El charolastra...uumm I really thought it was a reality show!

No matter what he says...I think I would take the bullet... lol

Dale said...

Tony better pony with those last few episodes and go out with a blaze or I'll....well, I'll be wishing he had.

Mel said...

I cant believe I am older than Tony Soprano! Pardon me while I get depressed now.