Wednesday, September 13, 2006

sierra mist

I think I love Sierra Mist
(not as much as Mountain Dew of course - that would be crazy)

I try not to drink a lot of soda
because it's so incredibly BAD for you

But once in a while won't kill me ... will it?
Okay, It might... but I don't care.
Why do they have to make it taste so good?

I just tried Sierra Mist & I thought you should know
You must try it.
Forget about SPRITE.. Forget 7-Up
it's all over for them

The only thing wrong with Sierra Mist is that it's
Caffeine Free
Can you Imagine???
Caffeine Free? How dare they!

It's like Non-Alcoholic Beer - What's the Point!


Teri said...

Jen, idiot me LOVES Sprite because it's caffeine free. I might have to try this new soda they call Sierra Mist.

alright, I know it's been out for awhile.......

Anonymous said...

Sierra Mist has no caffine? What were they thinking?! (Jitter.)

Sans Pantaloons said...

I'm a big Sierra Mist fan. When I go visit my Sister, she fills the fridge for me.
Although, I drink it still. I don't mean I stand still while drinking, I mean I pour it into a glass from around six feet high, to get the gas out. Quite a party piece.

Yes, I am nuts....

Hope you're feeling better Jen...

Anonymous said...

Canadian Mountain Dew is... *gasp* Caffeine free.... oh the shame, the shame.

Jen said...

Teri - caffeine free...
I guess it's good if you want soda before bed... then you can actually sleep
Okay, so caffeine free isn't THAT BAD

Zed - They were NOT thinking
**Jitter **Jitter**

Sans - Feeling Much better Thank you!

Fab -A noble man you are indeed

MC - surely you jest?!?!

Doctor Mom™ said...

I agree.
I'm thirsty now... and I went to the chinese restaurant and had a tap Sierra Mist... and had to leave the glass 3/4 full.

Sierra Mist goes with ANYTHING... you can drink it when you're ill, it taste good flat... it's great with ice, it's great at room temperature.

If I could marry Sierra Mist, I just might!

I'm really really thirsty.... Jen, will you please share?