Sunday, September 24, 2006


Sidebars Make Me Angry!
So Do Browsers that Don't View the Slack Correctly!

Hey Kids,
Why not upgrade your
explorer browser today - here

firefox is better
go here

It's time to upgrade... you know it's true.

Thank You For Your Help with my Sidebar Issues

& If You See My Sidebar Missing Again
Please Email Me!

Go Visit SANS He's a Genius!


Anonymous said...

Sans is a genius, he's been helping everyone lately with their computer woes.

glad your sidebar is fixed and that's one less "illness" for you to deal with.

now onto some good posting..

j.k.a said...

I haven't changed my browser but today the sidebar is where it should be :)

Sans Pantaloons said...

Just to confuse the issue I'll comment in this post.
I have checked with XP SP2 IE 6.0.29 and you are black as designed; Linspire 4.0 with Mozilla ( I couldn't find my Linspire 5.0 disk. It's in that pile over there somewhere) and that's black as desired and Knoppix Linux with Mozilla, and thats fine too.
It would seem Win98 and IE5.5 are your nemesis Jen.
I still prefer the green and blue backgrounds though.

I was going to change my template to be like yours, with the green & blue backgrounds too.


Lee Lee said...


Sans Pantaloons said...

Calm down Lee Lee,
No-one is advocating any change. I firmly believe if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Jen is doing her magic to make the Slack Black as she wants it.
Plase let us know if the page you see does not display as it should.

I have to announce that, for me,
The Slack Is Black

Jen said...


And there it is!

thanks Sans

Anonymous said...

The Opera browser is much better!!