Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Work Sucks Haiku

And Now...The Tuesday
Work Sucks Haiku

I'm not meant for work
Giving my 2 weeks notice
Would make me happy

Thank You
If you have an I Hate Work Haiku Please Post as a Comment.

- the first line five syllables
- the second line seven syllables
- the third line five syllables


Teri said...

I think Jen should find a new job with really nice people.

who's with me on this?

although, the Monday, Tuesday and Friday posts might be different if she were completely happy in her job.

Anonymous said...

boss is gone today
will play while he is away
guess this does not suck

Hope you have a great day anyway. Work sometimes sucks, but today it is good.

Jim said...

Working for a living is a total drag.
I'm with ya, Jen!
Come on lottery!!!!!
(I guess I have PLAY the lotter in order to possibly win, tho)

Anonymous said...

I live at this desk.
The phone rings, I answer it.
When will it all end?

MsDemmie said...

Work is difficult
When people do not listen
Almost every day

Lynda said...

I am not working
I quit my job yesterday
No haiku for me

Zed said...

Teri I'm with you. Jen needs a good job--a less hateful job.
In the meantime:

Jen just hates her job
She needs to make a big change
How's "Jen the stripper"?

Or she can make burgers
At Burger King in Prov'dence
And serve hot french fries?

Pick one, Jen. That's all that's available in Rhode Island right now.

Zed said...

Oops. Take out the "OR" in the second haiku to make it the right amount of syllables:

She can make burgers
At Burger King in Prov'dence
And serve hot french fries?

I can't count. 5s and 7s are too hard for me. :)

Jen said...

I think I'll
hate those
jobs too Zed
AS tempting as they sound...

I want to be JOB - FREE





and so on...

Teri said...

one word: lottery


rich husband

you can pick!

Zed said...

Laziness is sloth
You must work and earn money
Or you'll beg on street

(You know, once you start haiku'ing, it's hard to stop...)

Anonymous said...

my brain is too mushy from flying yesterday.

What you need to do is invent something.

Invent something Jen
That is my advice to you
crappity crap crap.

Dale said...

Interesting that today at my work, someone gave the old 2 weeks notice. I couldn't be happier.