Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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the cotton factory

**If you don't watch the Simpsons
You're not laughing right now

*** Why the hell don't you watch the Simpsons?


Teri said...

because I'm lame, Jen! That's why I don't watch the Simpsons.

okay, for us non-watchers you will have to explain.

Anonymous said...

I do watch the Simpsons... but I must've missed that one :(

And, I'm blonde so most things need to be explained to me anyway.

Jen said...

Episode - "Lisa's Rival"

Lisa feels as if she's going to have to work a little bit more now that a new student, Allison Taylor (voiced by Winona Ryder), has arrived at Springfield Elementary. Allison is as smart or smarter than Lisa, younger (having skipped a grade) and like Lisa, a young master of the saxophone.

A secondary story arc follows Homer after he encounters and then steals hundreds of pounds of sugar he finds at the site of a truck accident. The sugar attracts bees from the local bee hive whose owners try to buy the bees back but at the last moment it starts raining the bees go away and the suger melts

Regardless, Lisa tries to be her friend, though she battles her envy and jealousy. It comes to a climax during Springfield Elementary's annual "Diorama-rama", a competition in which the students build dioramas. Allison chose and constructed her project early: a scene from The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe. With Bart's help and prodding, Lisa decides to sabotage Allison's entry by switching Allison's diorama with a one containing a rotten cow's heart. When Principal Skinner not only criticizes the diorama but begin to question Allison's overall qualifications, Lisa's guilt overcomes her and she confesses to the switch.

Ironically, Lisa and Allison lose to Ralph Wiggum, whose diorama consisted of a box of Star Wars action figures, objects of sentimental value to Principal Skinner. In the end Lisa and Allison put aside their differences and become friends as they walk away, picking up Ralph along the way to hang out with them after he accidentally trips and breaks his action figures (saying two of his more well known lines, "I bent my Wookiee," and "My cat's breath smells like cat food.").is more well known lines, "I bent my Wookiee," and "My cat's breath smells like cat food.").

Anonymous said...

Of course, he was chanting "I beat the smart kids" when he bent his wookiee, so it was sort of like some instant karma for the young Wiggums.

I think the overlooked line in that episode's main arc(because the secondary arc is classic).

Bart's answer when asked if Lisa's Diorama that accidentally blew out the window was ok:

The important thing is, we survived

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen!!

Some Guy said...

Great episode. At one point Bart is trying to create a distraction, and Milhouse yells, "Hey, look! It's Bart and he's doin' stuff!" I know it's not funny out of context, but believe me, it was hilarious.