Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I want it back

Last night Tim took our laptop to get fixed...
the cursor was sticking to the windows
It just wasn't working right.

He told me when he dropped it off the guy said
looks like you just “wore out the button”

I admit it.. I have an addiction
So what... I wore out the mouse on our laptop.

All night I kept looking over at the coffee table
at the empty spot where the laptop should have been

I could have gone upstairs and used the other computer
but it’s all the way upstairs!

I want my laptop back
I may need to go to counseling..
I’m having withdrawals

What if he has to special order the button???
What if it takes weeks to get it fixed???
What am I going to do???

I hope I don’t have to rob a convenience store
to get money to buy a new laptop to feed my habit

I hope it doesn’t come to that...


Anonymous said...

Get a grip on yourself woman! Just go upstairs. Is that really so hard??

Holly {ArtistMotherTeacher} said...

I would probably cry a bit. Yes, we have a desktop too, but my laptop is my work life and blood and soooo much better and faster than the desktop.

I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have to go upstairs to work on the computer. You're BETTER than that.

I'm rootin' for you, Jen. If you're going to knock off a store go bit-time and hit a Target's or TJMaxx--oh, they probably don't have them in RI. :)

Anonymous said...

There are worse things than robbing a convenience store. Just do it.

DadGuy said...

If you're lucky you can get the pizza guy to take the pizza upstairs so you don't ever have to come back down until you get your laptop.

Best of luck with that.

Jen said...

Nobody - It's too quiet upstairs!
and there no tv in that room...
the horror!!

Pixie - Thank you.. it is painful!!

Zed - Target?? TJ Maxx what are these places you speak of??

Amy - Should I do it??? Ya THink??

Dadguy- No good pizza places in my lame town - poor me!

Joe said...

Hey Jen
Do you have a wireless connection set up in your house? Is that an HP lap? You are bi-format right?

I had a lap back in '96 that was rated as one of the top 25 computers of all-time. It had a built-in printer and you would never know it. I loved my lap. I know of this passion.

When is your b-day? I think I will get you pizza from Chicago. They will deliever it to your home! I went through pizza blues for a time. This is something to take seriously.

Jen said...

wireless connection - yes
It's Gateway

November 12th

but NY pizza is
Far superior to Chicago..
(it's true - even though
I've never actually tried
Chicago Style)

Can you go to NY instead???

Mel said...

I feel your pain!! Hope it gets fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

Is there a Jen here, lookin' for a laptop part?

We hadda order this in special, from the Czech Republic. It's a special doobryferkinator mark 3.

Extra very special an' hard to get mind...It's metric? I'll need to buy me a set of metric tools to fit it.
Very extra special metric tools mind, from the Czech Republic...

Ya gotta Czech Book?

Jen said...

Why do you hurt me like this acme repair man?? why oh why???


EJL said...

if you don't mind traveling, here is a clinic that may help you...

Or you could take up smoking, drinking and the occassional romp on the couch...

Joe said...

Ok's the results of a recent Pizza thread.