Saturday, September 23, 2006


Explorer Browser users...

Is my sidebar down at the bottom?

I've heard rumors that it is

I'm trying to fix it
but it looks fine on my explorer & firefox


j.k.a said...

I use explorer and it's down at the bottom for me. :)

Anonymous said...

It's 1:34 pm EST, and still the sidebar IS down. I REPEAT, the SIDEbarIS down.

Joe said...

Down at the bottom?

It's just gone for me. No sidebar with links, your profile, nada.

Mr Small said it best...
sidebar IS down. I REPEAT, the SIDEbarIS down.

Hey Jenster...some Mac probs? I have PC probs almost DAILY! Yet, I still feel for ya.

Teri said...

I use my AOL browser and it's down for the count.

and when I use my internet explorer browser it's also down for the count. what's with the sidebar issues lately? first anne, now you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jen... Still Like explained in the last email : (

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid your sidebar came down with a classic case of "Bob Dole Syndrome", Jen. Sorry! I've heard of such an ailment, although I've never personally SEEN one before.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Jen, try giving the "Hello Mr. AHAmaD...Ahmadineded...jad" post a short title. It's defaulted the title to the first line of text which is large.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Or shorten the "Hello Mr. AHAmaD...Ahmadineded...jad" line.
It is definitely the problem.

Anonymous said...

Works fine in IE 7.0, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape Navigator.

I hate when that happens.

Doctor Mom™ said...

HI Jen--
In my IE Browser your sidebar is off to the side, but 3/4 of the way down the page.

My template was configured for an IE browser and folks with Mozilla Foxfire have had some issues with my template.

I guess there are just some differences.

Anonymous said...

Explorer here too and its down at the bottom

Doctor Mom™ said...

Hey Jen,
Thought I would add, the IE browser version that I have is 6.0.2xxx

In case it's an IE version issue.

Jen said...

Thanks guys!
I Hate when this happens

I did what you said
did it help??

Sans Pantaloons said...

Yes Jen, fine this side now, for me at least. see Here

Mel said...

Its fine on my firefox and my explorer.

Doctor Mom™ said...

Sidebar is back to Normal in IE Jen!

Jen said...

I'm back in business

Thanks Sans!!!
You are the greatest!!
I would have never noticed
that post was the problem

Only one thing is wrong now
- in your pic
there is the color green &
blue under my name & the links
it's supposed to all be black!

Has it always looked like that
in your browsers??

Now I have to fix that...


DutchBitch said...

I have the same problem in pre-7.0 I.E. I have never been able to fix it. I just gave up...

Sans Pantaloons said...

Jen, to me it has always been a green background for your profile and a deep blue background for the links. On this machine at least.
Thanks for the credit and upgrade advice. I have 27 PC's here, all running various OS and browser types and versions. I'll have a look see what you see. I like it the way it is. In my opinion it is balanced and clearly delineated as it appears to me.

And here's me thinking you spent a tremendous amount of time & effort achieving your 'look'...

Jen said...

I DID spend
tremendous amount of time & effort achieving that look

The BLACK look!

but Apparently not enough time
spent if yours is green & blue

yes, please
let me know how how
the other browers look

the Slack - should be Black!

27 PC's ??
wow...! and why 27?