Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Slack Movie Review

Last night I still wasn't feeling so good
so I slacked on the couch and
figured I'd watch a movie

HBO had TWO for the MONEY
I had never seen it
but I figured McConaughy...Pacino

So I watched it


What a fucking waste of time!!
Can someone please give me back the 2 hours
of my life that I wasted?? This movie sucked!

This has been a casual slack movie review
All rights reserved © 1973


Teri said...

Jen, has no one told you that Matthew is good to look at but his movies aren't that great, well except for Time to Kill and Contact, in my opinion.

sorry, i don't have the authority to give you back your two hours. Better luck next time.

2 fools said...

You know what else really sucked shit? The Ninth Gate. I'm a Johnny Depp fan, and really wanted to see this, I kept falling asleep tho. So, I made it a point to watch it the other night, it kept your interest through the whole thing then had the world's cheeziest ending.

2 fools said...

Another Matthew movie that stunk: Reign of Fire.


Anonymous said...

The fact that it was in theaters for about 3 minutes was your first clue that this might not be a winner. Poor Matthew's on the downslide, headin' south.

crse said...

this review was helpful to me in that it concurred my horrific response to the flilm and validated irrational thoughts about being eligible for some compensation for enduring that movie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Too bad, Matthew is so yummy.

Get some better roles, Matthew (I bet he reads this)

Moderator said...

I know a very deep and dark disturbing secret about McConaughy.

Teri said...

tell us Grant Miller, pleaaaasssee!

Annie said...

I liked it because I could'nt stop looking at Mathew.