Friday, September 08, 2006

tagged again

Tagged by the infamous ZED
five words. I am supposed to write down the first thing that comes to my mind
when I see that word. Then I am supposed to pick five different words and tag

Diet- first thing that comes to my mind is Diet Coke...
I drink diet coke, I don't really like it, yet I still drink it. I don't like the way
it tastes in the can - it has to be in a glass with ice & a straw... oh and lemon.
When I go to a restaurant I always ask for lemon and they say okay!
But when I get it - NO LEMON! ALWAYS!!

Fluctuation- My mood - it's bad when I'm at work.. then changes when I leave

Giggle- I think: "That's such a stupid word... "

Gravity- Space the final frontier, One small step for man & all that stuff

Hangnail- Damn, has anyone seen the nail clippers?

Then I am supposed to pick five
different words and tag some people

TAGS - if you feel like it...


Anonymous said...

Diet Coke: lemon, no ice
But I'm slowly migrating to Classic Coke--it puts Diet Coke to shame.

Yea! You did the meme! (I'm going on meme vacation for a week or so.)

Michele said...

Ding Dong blogmad hit

Mr. Fabulous said...

Ever try Coke Zero? Better than Diet Coke!

Fizzy BlogMad hit!

Jen said...

never tried it.. but I will now

Dale said...

Loathe - myself
Baffled - by all the bullshit
Campsite - Room service
Evolution - 3 eyed fish from The Simpsons
Happiness - is a warm gun


Corey said...

It took me a while, but I got around to answering the tag. See for yourself.