Friday, October 27, 2006


"the zipster"
answers 5 questions

five good answers..

You Tube is a Scary Place

Watch it here

My favorite lines: "Medievel Times I bet they stank"
"And These people didn't have like hot glue guns
so that's like really not for me.."


Teri said...

he's so hypnotic..........

and he's the same dude that did the Nornna commentary but with a long wig........

EJL said...

I can't stop staring at his tounge...why is is like a medallion that has be me.

EJL said...

Okay...crap, just listened to answer to # 3....I am crying now.

Doctor Mom™ said...

This guy should qualify for Idiot of the Week!!!

Ok... I have 5 Questions for the Zipster!!

1. So you have "prescribers"?

I wondered what kind of drugs he was on... apparently his hippy days aren't that far behind him.

2. What does "becorz" mean?

3. Midevil times didn't have hot glue guns?

That's pathetic, how did they survive?

4. What the heck was so friggin' itchy? Have you got hives or something?

5. And like "eeew" you want to meet and be intimate with Joan Rivers? Have you ever slept with a female? And... you want to meet and be intimate with Brad Pitt?

Wow, that's all I can say.... but Buddy, you're already out of this world you don't have to wish it!

Jen said...


Some Guy said...

Jen, you are my "go to" person for weird shit like this! I love the guy's hat, too.