Monday, October 02, 2006

who wins?

Okay Kids
So who has had the Best Guest Post so far?

1.Dick Small's Family Members

2.Zed's Guest Post - Trashing the Ocean State
3.Nobody's Nothing Crazy about the Midwest
4.Supervisor's Choice: by Angela
5.AMy's- Warm & Touching Tribute to Casual Slack

this calls for a poll

Best So Far
Definitely Dick...!
Zed's is Best By Far!
Nobody's Nothing!
Angela's was Awesome!
Amy's An Addict!
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Anonymous said...

Why does someone have to win?
Can't they all get trophies?

Anonymous said...

Supervisors choice sucked

Jen said...

mixednut- Everyone was going
to get cookies & juice after
voting and the winner was going
to get A weeks supply of cookies

but Amy ruined everything...

All voters will receive a bowl of lentils & carrot juice

the winner will receive
a jar of wheat germ PLUS
a sugar-free bran muffin
and a glass of green tea

you're welcome.

Jen said...

Anonymous- no juice for you

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww come on now. That is just cruel. I liked the other guest posts and I even voted. Doesn't that count for something?
> : )

Jen said...

half a cup of carrot juice
but that's it..

2 fools said...

Anonymous SUCKS.

Thank you.

2 fools said...

:( I am losing. That's okay, though - it wasn't really any earth-shattering news, just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm... lentils.

Anonymous said...

No votes for Angela???!!! That's just not right. Sorry Angela! I would have voted for you so you'd at least have ONE vote, but I can't vote again today since I already voted for MYSELF...

Anonymous said...

I tOlD YoU iT sUcKeD

Zed said...

I like what mixednut said--we should all get trophies. That could, perhaps, be my opinion due to the fact that I'm currently in 2nd place. Which is wrong...just wrong.