Saturday, October 21, 2006

timbit malfunction

We went to Tim Hortons this morning for coffee
like we usually do.

We got some of those 'Timbits'..
I bit into a supposed "Jelly" timbit
And I swear to christ they filled it with
Robitussin Cherry Cough Syrup

It was disgusting.. I almost hacked it all over the table

This is the dialogue that followed:

Me: UGGGGHHH it tastes like cough syrup...
Tim: Yeah? huh...
Tim: "this taste awful.. try some" that's a great idea
Me: try it you have to..
Tim: *just stares at me*
Me: *grin* TASTE IT!
Tim: fine...Yep tastes like cough syrup,
thanks for making me taste that
Me: HahahAH... Why would they do that?
Why would they make there donuts taste like cough syrup??
Tim: I dunno...

the end


Mel said...

Maybe they thought you had a cold??? I dunno, I Love me some Timmy's coffee but I think Tim Bits are a lousy name for the product. I think Canabalism whenever I see it.

I am jealous that you can even GO to a Tim's and get nasty tasting Doughnuts.
In this town there are at least 4 redneck bars aka "Beer joints" but not one doughnut and coffee shop.

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Teri said...

give me a Dunkin Donuts any day.

I would have takin those suckers back to the store...

Anonymous said...

Poor Tim. Have I said that yet this week?

Now I'm not so envious about not having a Tim Horton's within 250 miles of my apartment.

Hops said...
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Hops said...

You insulted Timbits to Tim... Horton?

Lynda said...

Why do you torture your poor husband? Just bring them back and demand your money! lol!!

Are you Jen Horton?

Doctor Mom™ said...

Jelly doughnuts are disgusting anyway....

Now Custard-filled is another story

Sans Pantaloons said...

Mmmmm...filled with yellow custard, Mmmmm...yummm....

Anonymous said...

SOOO, I guess you got him back for the french fry thing?

Jen said...

stjarna- Hilarious!!
HAHAHAH how about a Pepto-Smoothie

Superwoman - nope this
happened last year
I still owe him
for the french fry...!

Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...


2 fools said...

Hey, listen...don't knock it. You can get pretty high offa Robitussin if you drink the whole bottle.

Learning things the hard way,