Friday, October 06, 2006

Guest Post

And Now
Ladies & Gentlemen
A Fabulous Guest Post
from Mr. Fab


May it bring a tear to your eye
as it did to mine.

My Favorite Guys

Jerry and George and of course good old Kramer
And the strong willed Elaine, no man can tame her
Puddy and Lippman and Newman, so wise
These are a few of my favorite guys

Mr. and Mrs. Ross, they are people of means
While Frank and Estelle live way out in Queens
I loved the episode where Susan dies
These are a few of my favorite guys

Helen and Morty and Peterman’s smirk
And pompous Jack Klompus, he is such a jerk
Russell Dalrymple’s tragic demise
These are a few of my favorite guys

Kenny Bania
And Tim Whatley
And old Mr. Pitt
I simply tune in to those famous reruns
And then I don’t feel like shit

And then Jerry’s girlfriends, he had quite a few
Beth, she was racist, Rachel was a Jew
And Gillian’s hands were of enormous size
These are a few of my favorite guys

Delores, not Mulva, was one poor girl’s name
He never saw Sidra’s breasts, aw that’s a shame
Patty made water run out of his eyes
These are a few of my favorite guys

Christie wore the same thing on every date
Sharon at first didn’t think he was straight
He can’t seduce Marla although he sure tries
These are a few of my favorite guys

Mickey Abbott
Uncle Leo
Sue Ellen Mischke
I tune in to see these guys every day
And I cackle loud with glee

The Bubble Boy really was kind of an asshole
A marble rye was the bread that Jerry stole
Mike Moffit calls Jerry a phony then lies
These are a few of my favorite guys

Babu Bhatt got himself quickly deported
Poppy’s bad habits were soon reported
Lloyd Braun went nuts, no more mayor to advise
These are a few of my favorite guys

Who can forget the concert with the Pez
Or the one in which Laney dates Keith Hernandez
Thomassoulo caught George in all of his lies
These are a few of my favorite guys

Mr. Bookman
Joe Davola
The Drake and Drakette
When I watch these shows time and again
My troubles I just forget

**Greatest Show Ever


EJL said...

what about the soup nazi????

that's it NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

Bluepaintred said...

i came , but i cant get past the second paragraph stanza whaterver

i HATE sinefeld. sucky sucky seinfeld!

but I dont hate you or casual slacl, oh nonono

you are going to hit me now arent you?

Lynda said...

I think that you should have made Mr. Fab sing it, Jen. I mean, he is duct-taped to a chair in your basement, right?

Bob said...

Great show! Curb Your Enthusiasm is also fantastic. Larry David is an idiot and a genius at the same time.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Fabulous guest post by the Master.

Teri said...

simply wonderful post.

thanks for enlightening some of us Mr. Fab.

Anonymous said...

Bravo and well done Mr. Fab.

Zed said...

Wow. Just wow!

Good goin' Mr. Fab!


Jen, Round 2 questions in Zed's Seinfeld Quiz are posted. We are waiting for your responses. Post 'em or email 'em, either way works.

Mr. Fab has already sent in his answers...

Michele said...

Wow fab you really are an
expert in Seinfeldtology.
But i'm with ellie how could
you forget the soup nazi?

Anonymous said...

OK Mr. Fab, you make me wanna watch reruns! Fabulous post on a fabulous show! :-)


Some Guy said...


2 fools said...

What about "man hands" and the "close-talker" - It was still brilliant... I couldn't tell if I was humming Julie Andrews or reciting the Night Before Christmas.

...I don't really like Christmas because it's like there's all this pressure on you to buy things, and MORE things... "Did I get enough stuff for people? Did I remember everyone? Should I regift this, I don't know..." I think they invented Prozac specifically for Christmas.

...but it's Friday so nothing else matters.

2 fools said...

When I said, "Humming Julie Andrews" I didn't mean that in the literal sense. I meant that song...

...Hey who remembers "Gaines Burgers?" YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH, you KNOW you thought that shit looked soooo good.

Jen said...

Gaines Burgers!

Joe said...

OK...I give! I thot I was all about Seinfeld until this OCD person got his/her thang going here.

Very well done indeed.

I just got through watching my Seinfeld tapes back-2-back a few weeks ago. I was off the Sein for a few years and then OD'd on them for about a week.


Andrea said...

it's my FAVE show of all time.....the kenny rogers roasters is in my top 5.....

"I'm on No sleep, No dont know what it's like in there..things are creaking and crawling and that RED light is burning my brain......................."

Katherine said...

Oh, the memories! so impressive you know not only the names of all the girls Jerry dated but the hang ups he had about each of them. Hysterical! I want to know - what about the soup nazi, too?! Might have to add another stanza.

Tug said...

Puddy - LOVE Puddy! The manzier...SERENITY NOW! (It's my mantra)

Yea for Mr. Fab!!

Nessa said...

Another Shakespeare is born. Excellent poerty.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Put on your Mansier
Stop Short
No Soup for you
And Festivus for the Rest of us!

Brilliant Fa

Fantastagirl said...

Mr. Fab - that was FANTASTIC!

Gunngirl said...

Soup Nazi, Mickey, Assman..oh I can go on and on. I have all 6 season on DVD. I love Seinfield.

Anonymous said...

What about the Assman? How could you forget that episode? I had the DVDs through Season 6, but had to pawn them for gas money.

Some Guy said...

My cat's name is "The Assman" - no joke.