Tuesday, October 10, 2006

for Kim

My friend really Digs
Duane Chapman
(yeah, I don't understand it either)

I have only seen his show a couple of times
and his hair made me laugh...

Okay... Anyway
She sent me this email to sign a petition
to demand his freedom
& I told her I would post it

Apparently he has to face trial in Mexico
I'm guessing he will just have to pay some ridiculous fine
- then all will be right in the world -

So I dedicate these photos to my friend.. enjoy


Teri said...

what a good friend you are.

I signed the petition just in case I was going to be tested....

are there cookies available for this selfless act?

Jen said...

My friend is supposed
to supply the
What are you serving Kim???

2 fools said...

Dog the Bounty Hunter is not a handsome man, and I can say the same for his wife, Tig Ol Biddies.

I had a poor childhood, but when I think about the possibility of having been brought up by Dog and Tig, I count my blessings.

Can I get a witness?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good cause.
Dog took a convicted serial rapist (Andrew Luster) off the streets and Mexico wants him in jail for it??

Teri said...

I agree with you Mixednut, he should not be in jail for taking that wacko off the streets. so what if Mexico doesn't allow bounty hunting...

Anonymous said...

I could take on Chapman. I'd kick his ass, actually...

Teri said...

right, Dick. you'd kick him in the ass and then run crying to your mommy..

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't stand a chance, actually.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

I'm afraid it's a bit more serious than a fine - but he did get that scumbag Luster back in the American system (and now in prison).

Anonymous said...

thanks jen : )

Libragirl said...

I think he did the right think but Mexico is stupid for saying a rapist should be able to hide there.
Some fact on him

He served 18 months on a first degree murder charge in Texas (circa 1973).
He is the self proclaimed 'World's Greatest Bounty Hunter.'
He was a deadbeat dad.
He has twelve children.
He became a bounty hunter when he owed child support in Colorado. The judge offered that if he could find one of his fugitives he would credit one month's child support.
He was a member of a motorcycle gang.
He met his then future wife Beth Smith when she was 19 and he was nearly twice her age.
He gives out dog tags to advertise his TV series.
He is the poster boy for white trash.
He has a poodle mullet, tattoos and dresses in leather.
He lost the keys to the handcuffs used on Andrew Luster. They were sold on eBay.
He lived with Smith 16 years before they got married (May 20, 2006). Unfortunately, their wedding was a day after his 23 year old daughter was killed in a car accident (May 19, 2006).

And shut up, I found it on AmIAnnoying.com

Anonymous said...

So, I take it you're a fan as well?

Anonymous said...

And your point is.....?

Jen said...

Libragirl- AmIAnnoying.com
cool site I had never been on it before, thanks!

Anonymous said...

the point - he's the poster boy for white trash

Anonymous said...

I was given to believe there'd be punch and pie...

Joe said...

The Dog's cool! He's turned negative into positive. What's the problem? He's real and bold. Mexico is a JOKE in so many ways. The cop killer of an officer locally ran to Mexico to hide. They said we can't get him. Mexico sucks. The Dog maybe ugly and his wife carries a heavy load, but they got courage..ain't perfect, not pretty often, but they at least stand for good.

That's the point!

Anonymous said...

jsv - Thank You! I couldnt of said it better myself.

serra - punch and pie if that is what your heart desires

cartman and libragirl ..NO PIE FOR U!!

terri - thanks for signing the petition.

Anonymous said...

mixednut and rwa thanks to you too!

Jen said...

can we have pumpkin pie or blueberry?
they are my favorites...

Anonymous said...

The same website also said the following:

He claims he was innocent of the Texas murder charges.
He has been shot and stabbed while bounty hunting.
He only uses non lethal weapons, primarily fists and mace.
When asked why he doesn't carry a gun, he said: 'Because with a gun, you'd have to use it, and guns kill.'
His most famous capture was that of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico (June 2003).
Luster was convicted of raping three women between 1996 and 2000. He jumped a $1,000,000 bail and fled to Mexico (January 2003).
After fleeing bail, an American court sentenced Luster to 124 years in prison and offered a $10,000 reward for his capture.
Mexican police arrested Chapman for 'depriving Luster of his liberty' without legal authority.
If given permission by the United States he will seek out Osama Bin Laden.
He says his nickname 'Dog' 'is God spelled backwards, given to me by a motorcycle gang.'
He tends to lecture his captives on trying to do the right thing.
He usually gets 15% for each capture.
He has taken some cases for free, especially those of child molestation.
He is close to his family.
When asked if he fears retaliation, he said: 'I'm more afraid of not getting that guy off the street than I am of him coming after me, because he's going to get mad at the district attorney, the jury, the judge, the warden and probably his new cellmate. I'm probably the last on the list.'
He has apprehended over 6,000 fugitives (1979-2004).

Anonymous said...

I think he should re-think his hairstyle. Maybe a nice french braid secured by a cloisonne butterfly clip, or maybe a beehive. The mullet should go. It is a mullet, right??? I really don't know what it is, now that I think about it...