Saturday, October 14, 2006


Have You Visited Mel Yet?
See where it says
This Weeks Tenant - On the Right
Click That...Click it!! Click it!!!

Don't you want cookies & juice afterwards???


Doctor Mom™ said...

Hey-- Mel is on my regular rounds, but I'm happy to click through to ring up the tally!

James said...

Well you are the first comment of the night, 19 more to go.

Sans Pantaloons said...

It was a long cold dark night. We headed deep into dusty territory; there was silence everywhere, then, all heck broke loose when the vortex kicked in. Guys were spinning all ways. We scrambled air support and bolted for the door. The door fell on Mel's head.
She was domed & dusted that night.

Doctor Mom™ said...


You have no idea what he does with them!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! Just me! In my "new" identity! I thought I'd go blonde for the day! What do you think?? I will be back to "normal" tomorrow!

Jen said...

you look so handsome dick!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! Back to "normal"! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Perking up my ears...Cookies?

Mel said...

BOTB Vote! Does that mean I can get some cookies too???