Thursday, October 19, 2006

it's Thursday

The Office
is on tonight!
Dwight takes Ryan out
for his first sales call
and gives him a series of
challenges along the way.


Bob said...

I'm busy 3 Thursdays a month so I don't watch it often. I suppose I could Tivo it and watch it later.

2 fools said...

We're badder than bad cuz the brother is madder than mad at the fact he grew up like a senator. Soul on a roll but you treat it like soap on a roap cuz the beats in the lines are so dope.

(I just wanted to comment... I don't watch the office it's on past my bedtime)


Some Guy said...

I can't wait. I wish this show was an hour. Thirty minutes a week (or 22)is just not enough.

2 fools said...

Can anyone name that tune? No googling.

Anonymous said...

THe office is awesome I LOVE IT!. Ever see the british one its pretty decent.