Monday, October 16, 2006


This is my other cat... Jerry
He's not very photogenic as you can see
Jerry is most unpleasant
he bites... he growls... he doesn't listen
if you cough too loud he runs away as if you're trying to kill him
- extremely paranoid -

he's No Travis, that's for sure
there's only one Travis...
(needless to say they despise each other)


Anonymous said...

Jerry looks fat...

Is Jerry a fat kitty??

Jen said...

he's HUGE!!!

Teri said...

that's a shame. I didn't even know you had another cat. he must be the black, angry sheep of the family.

Jen said...

He is...

I posted about him before
but it was a while back

He really takes bad pics
He always moves when I snap the pic

Mel said...

I had a cat like that once. We named him "Fang" LOL it suited him!

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Anonymous said...

Poor lowly Jerry. How would YOU feel Jen if I always posted pictures of, say, your sister and never of you because you looked "funny" in pictures?? Huh? Huh? LOL

Bob said...

Every cat I've ever owned was like Jerry. If I could find a cat like Travis I would consider getting one.

Zed said...

Oh sure, just cause Jerry has a big nose... Why don't you get him a nose job, Jen?

Sans Pantaloons said...

I think Jerry is very distinguished looking in a Churchillian way.
He is a Prime Minister among Cats.
I like Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Ok, nobody else is going to say it so I will...

Why is it the BLACK cat is always second best? I bet Travis sleeps on the bed at night while the BLACK cat sleeps on the floor.

I demand equal rights for Jerry!
I have a dream.....

2 fools said...

Sheeeesh. What'd ya name him after Jerry Garcia? HE looks like a fat stoner. This is the first I hear of any "Jerry"... and ya wonder why the poor thing needs prozac. Travis is getting all the attention! Maybe you could buy his love with some food... oh wait a that what's going on here, Jen? Are you guilt feeding this fat bastard?

Lynda said...

Aw, I think Jerry is beautiful and cute.

Julius moves for pictures also, but I take them anyway. He is so light, he appears washed out in most of them.

Give Jerry some love!

Jen said...

Jerry's Story:

My cousin was volunteering at an
animal shelter.. Jerry and 3 other kittens were found abandoned

She had to bottle feed them
Jerry had no mother.. this explains a lot

My cousin begged me to take one
(Black cats are my least favorite - I'm partial to the tabby)

BUT I took little Jerry in
and from the moment I had him
all he did was bite me.

He likes Tim more than me

But that's okay

Jerry doesn't move around much
he's too fat - He mostly just sits around and stays out of trouble...

Anonymous said...

travis is so adorable. I don't like black cats, they're always mean. True story, I've never met a nice black cat.