Thursday, October 05, 2006

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I did a Guest Post
Over at the Great ZED's

it's about
Dwight Kurt Schrute III

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Doctor Mom™ said...

Hey Jen-- I posted over at Fancy Zed's place too

Dunder-Mifflin-- A new word that I can bring to the dinner table tonight for discussion!

Thanks Jen!

Althought I am confused, because according to the American Heritage Dictionary,

Mifflin was a congressman from 1744-1800... so is he still living? Or is this guy his great, great, great grandchild?

And then the dictionary said

Dunder are the thick lees from boiled sugar-cane juice used in the distillation of rum

So, does Dunder-Mifflin fit with this guy Dwight Schrute?