Wednesday, October 04, 2006

tight fit

I bought Travis this new bed
It looked much bigger in the store...

when I brought it home and put it next to him
I didn't think he was going to fit
I must have grabbed the chihuahua size bed by mistake

& managed to cram all of his fatness into it

I guess I don't have to return it.
Life is good.


Anonymous said...

is travis a tortise shell. He has the same marking as my cat, fido. He's bigger though! He looks comfy.

Sans Pantaloons said...


Can't wait for the same post-"I bought Tim this new bed. It looked much bigger in the store..."


Jen said...

He's ALWAYS comfy!

he's a tiger/ tabby

Jen said...

Sans - Stay tuned for that post!

Anonymous said...

It's purrrrrrfect!

Anonymous said...

He probably LOVES that he has something to push his back against ~~~ I made one for my cat (I know, you just hate me).

It's oblong, padded on the bottom and I made a pillow top around the edge with round foam pool noodle (sewed it inside) all around the top. I used a heavy flannel. She can lay in bed and watch tv with me, with her head on the .

And she LOVES to sleep with her back against it because it gives support.

So yours is probably perfect for him because it's not big!

Anonymous said...

It should say "head on the noodle."


Jim said...

We bought a similar bed for our Kitty and she loves it!!!! :)

Bob said...

He seems quite content in there.

Anonymous said...


How cool that he just took right to it.

Jen said...

Mattie - I think you're right!
He loves it so far

Lynda said...

Cats seem to like small spaces. My cat will cram his big butt into a tiny shoebox. The sides will be buldging, but he will be in it.