Monday, October 30, 2006

this is nasty

Cadavers for Display...
Made in China
this shows how they make them..
**GAG** **Cringe**
watch it here

The Actual Exhibition - Here

I have seen this exhibition before online
but never in person.. anyone seen it?


Lynda said...

"Ewww, Watch this"

Isn't that kind of like saying, "Ew, these taste like cough syrup! Try them!"

I think I will pass on this one.

Anonymous said...

"This is nasty." "Gag..choke"
"Watch it here." :-)

I'm with Lynda on this one.

Jen said...

It's not that bad..

It's just the idea of
it that makes me gag

Just watch it.. you can do it!

Zed said...

You can't make me! haha!

Teri said...

okay, that was disturbing!

Lynda said...

I still think I will pass....

Now shrimp on a treadmill...I am all over that one.

Moderator said...

That's how I make my face every morning too.

Jen said...

shrimp on a treadmill
was compelling cinema...
I bought the DVD

Jim said...

I caught the exhibit last year when it was in L.A. If you can get past the creepy gag factor and look at it from a scientific perspective, its really quite fascinating. I recommend checking it out in person. In fact, the video and pictures are more gross than physically being in front of them. Weird, but true.