Friday, October 27, 2006

it's friday

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It's Friday - At Last!


Teri said...

wow, he really makes me need some dramamine.

and he does know how to groove on a Friday! you go kitty.

Lynda said...

How did you get Travis to move so much? I thought he was busy sleeping in his bed.

And why is my word verification word upgod?

Anonymous said...

Kitty's got some Megadeath goin' on in his 'phones.

Rock on Friday!!!

2 fools said...

"You take a mortal ya put him in him become a GOD! What people's HEADZ A' ROLL!"

jug, jug, jug, ja det det, ja det det, jug, jug, jug ja det det.


2 fools said...

Happy Friday!

and why is my word verification: bakpufpuf? HAHAHAHA

EJL said...'da get that cat to do that?

Doctor Mom™ said...

I wondered if this day would come... it seemed like there was already 5 Mondays this week!