Tuesday, October 03, 2006


remember crambo?
watch it

poor quality but
the sound is okay

Angela found me this little gem!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I DO remember Crambo!

Teri said...

me too, I remember Crambo!

now do people send you this stuff or do you run through your "memory banks" and remember all this stuff?

Teri said...

oh, I love Tom & Jerry.

and everytime his guitar string broke he was looking for the cat to grab a whisker.......ah the memories.

Thanks, Jen!

Anonymous said...

Nope. Sorry, doesn't ring a bell. Looking at the post pic I thought he was a cartoon of Wilfred Brimley (I didn't play the video since my computer's an aging dinosaur), but then again Wilfred's "as big as a barn", while Crambo looks a little emaciated. Maybe a night at Ponderosa might help..

Jen said...

teri -
I usually run through the
"memory banks"

Angela sent me this one..
but she's mental just like me!!

dick- it's on You tube
You can't play You tube?

try it!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you tube takes FOREVER (i have dial-up, you know. No cable up here in the adirondacks). DAMN YOU NEW YORK!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

click it
and read a book
worth the wait to
hear the crambo song

Anonymous said...

.... I mean, I spent, it seems, 5 minutes waiting for You Tube to load up just so I could see GWYNETH PALTROW jam with JAY-Z. It never did load up completely, plus I have no sound on my computer (my speakers quit a long time ago), so the minutes tick by and I'm thinking:
"WAIT A MINUTE!!! i HATE them BOTH! What the hell am I DOING????"

Man, just when you think you KNOW yourself...... please don't tell anyone Jen, I'm rather ashamed of it all...

Teri said...

OH GOD DICK. dial-up. YIKES.

when my dsl is down, and i've been having alot of issues lately, I have to resort to dial-up and I want to pull my hair out, piece by piece.

I have to always wait until the dsl is working again before I can watch any videos.

My sympathy Mr. Small

Teri said...

no speakers either?

jen, we have to start a collection for dick so that he can get speakers and maybe dsl service.

what do you say?

Jen said...

I won't say a word..
go here

Jen said...

Teri- I'm with you
let's have a

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Jen! But unfortunately to finance one for $30/month would seriously cut into my alloted beer allowance. Sorry, I'll just have to deal with dial up.

WAT said...

I do remember! Way too funny. AHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!

Teri said...

hey, I want one of those computers.

dick, I'll give you my Dell with speakers and you can buy me the new mac notebook.

how's that sound?