Thursday, September 14, 2006

bad tv

I had just finished watching Survivor
(shut up... I like survivor)

I grab the remote -I change the channel
there was a commercial on
I think nothing of it and go about my computing
I'm not really paying attention to the tv

I look up and see Dionne Warwick & that chick
who played xena warrior princess
And they are singing... "I Say A Little Pray For You"


but wait... there's more
Marie Osmond & Little Richard
are the "celebrity" judges

My husband was sleeping on the couch next to me
I frantically woke him up - he had to see this

His reaction...
It's so awful

Then he immediately fell back asleep

I scramble for my digital camera
I had to take a picture of this nightmare
to prove It wasn't a hallucination
sorry for the glare

This is an actual tv show... people enjoy this?
How can this be?

I don't know whether to laugh or throw up

oh wait.. I choose laughter
Bad tv
So very, very BAD

I changed the channel and tried to forget about what I saw


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I feel bad I missed this. What program was it?

Jen said...

Zed- I didn't catch the name

I was in the middle of dry heaves
when they said the name...

I think the channel was FOX

not surprising..

Anonymous said...

Now you see why I have a fascination with television test patterns. They are so much better than the actual programming.

Doctor Mom™ said...

That's a chunk of you're life you'll never get back!

Bummer Jen... I hope that you were at least knitting or something whilst watching that A+ programming... then you can walk away with your head held high!

Teri said...

this is the second program that you've wasted your time on and can't get back. we need to find you more suitable, enjoyable television.

Anonymous said...

It's Celebrity Duets or something like that. I've never seen it, but I've heard about it.

I might have to try to catch it now, though.

How was Survivor? I've never gotten into it, but it sounds interesting this season with the whole racial separation thing.

God I'm lame making this so long.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm watching it right now!!

Anonymous said...

Did Lucy Lawless's boob pop out again?

It did that once when she was singing the national anthem at an NHL playoff game.

DadGuy said...

I had someone explain to me reality TV the other day. Apparently enough people like it and it costs about 1/10th the price to produce, so that's why it's all over the place nowadays.

No offense, but I hate them all. Well, maybe not hate. Just dislike enough to kill channel surfing for me. Ask nobody, all I ever do anymore is play world of warcraft. I can't even make coherent posts half the time.

[...DadGuy wanders off muttering about bob saget and INXS...]

Annie said...

My two fav's Dionne and Marie. Ah the good old days!

Jen said...

MC - I didn't
notice any pop outs..

Anonymous said...

Xena can sing?

Jen said...

she certainly