Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bonus Haiku!

I'm having such an awful day today
I thought a "Wednesday - Work Sucks Haiku" was in order
so here it goes...

Get me out of here
Is it time to go home yet??

I'll lose my mind soon...

How is your day going?

Better than mine I would imagine.

Tell me how your day was in haiku form


2 fools said...

Type My Life Away
Between Trips to the Bathroom
Contemplating Suicide

Anonymous said...

Very typical.
Nothing special happening.
Can't we lose power?

Zed said...

I'm home; happy here.
No idiots to deal with,
No jerks to obey.

Anonymous said...

suck suck suckity
haggis haggis haggis ha
tortilla chip yum.

Sans Pantaloons said...

working makes me sad
my lfe is ebbing away
but shall I triumph?

working makes me sad
my lfe is ebbing away
but I shall triumph!

Lynda said...

My day is so good, I can't put it into a nice poetic form.

Anonymous said...

sorry your job sucks
mine is pretty good today
you will be home soon