Thursday, September 28, 2006


Another clip from
this fantastic
looking movie...

go here- slap!


MommaMonkey said...

WTF? That is just too funny.

2 fools said...

Holy mary mother of mankind what the hell was that? A cross-eyed child?

By the way, I like yogurt covered peanuts and raisins.

Thank you.

Teri said...

Angela, my sentiments EXACTLY.

is he a little boy or a "little person". very hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "children are to be seen and not heard" ???

Jen said...

I'm guessing little "person"
i think..

Zed said...

Wow, that was very ... unusual and ... unique... scarey.

I also like yogurt-covered raisins. You can keep the peanuts, unless they're salted.

MC said...

They've been showing these clips on Olbermann too.. they are trying to find out what movie it is.

And I love the fact that they guy getting slapped continues to do the slap face after Mini-Tamil gets down.