Thursday, September 14, 2006


I received this email this morning
from my friend Angela

Her emails never fail to make me laugh!
so I thought I should share it with you...

click on image for larger version


Joe said...

"kids are gross"

Definately a boy thing, ages 9-12!

Was her kid male in this age range?

Good thing she didn't fork out the cash for the best pizza places I just sent in another post. Now that would be a waste!

(S)wine said...

gotta love the kids.

Anonymous said...

I must say that ANYTHING Angela has to say it just hysterical!! She's neat!

Anonymous said...

It seems on my above comment I said "it just hysterical". That may have caused some confusion as I meant to say "is just hysterical". I apologize for the editorial slip.

Jen said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh I understand!!

thank you
for clearing it up..

I was lost for a minute there...