Thursday, September 07, 2006

flashback in the supermarket

circa 1993 - I think

I worked at a supermarket in my younger years.
One day after work a few of us decided to go to a movie
Sorry, I don't remember what movie.

So we bought our tickets
but the movie didn't start for another hour

Next door to the theater was a "rival" supermarket
we went in - to walk around and kill some time -

Then we had an idea
Let's break something!

We thought it would be hilarious
to smash a bottle of

"Clamato Juice" on the floor

Then Yell - Spill in Aisle Five

We chose Clamato Juice because it's the
nastiest of the juice family & we were familiar with it
because we all worked at a supermarket and would
often wonder who would actually drink this crap...

So my friend at the time hands me the bottle
and says "pretend to hand it to me and I won't catch it.."

Awesome! - Best Idea EVER!

So I did... and it fell to the floor and exploded

Clamato Juice - EVERYWHERE
It smelled extremely bad - That made it even funnier!

I got some on my pants - this wasn't funny.

We laughed
Then walked quickly to the exit.
Not too obvious...

Looking back... I don't know why we found this so funny
HAhahAHah well... maybe it's a little funny

So here is my written apology

Dear 16 year old "service clerk supermarket employee"
You are probably about 29 -30 years old now??
If you're still working at the supermarket, mopping up spills
you are a pathetic asshole
Oh wait.. I'm veering off the topic...
I just wanted to let you know
I am deeply sorry you had to mop up the nasty clamato juice
It wasn't very nice of me to do that.
Please find it in your heart to forgive me.


I'm glad I could get this off my chest

Side note: this juice would go great with Zed's favorite chips post
which actually made me think of this story.


2 fools said...

I'll have you know, my dad was an avid Clamato drinker... he went to Almacs to get some one day, but there was no more. Maybe you BROKE THE LAST ONE!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Jen, even the LABEL looks the same as Clamato Tortilla Chips. Blech!

Whatch trying to do to me? Kill me? :)

(I can't say anymore for a while. Mr. Fab called me a decomposing comment whore! hahaaaaa! He's so right on!)

Anonymous said...

Clamato + Beefamato + spice + booze = great bloody mary

Anonymous said...

I had clamato ONCE....

and there is a good reason for that...

Anonymous said...

Some friends wanted to "make a mess" so they tried to put a watermelon into a plastic shopping bag. So they held the bag low & the melon high....those bags are not as tough as they appear....hehehehe

straight through!!

Jen said...

ned- Beefamato?
Is this a real product
I am unaware of


Anonymous said...

God, Jen... you are such a bitch.

Jen said...

I gave a heartfelt apology
did I not!

Jen said...

I'm cleared???
DO you mean it????

Jen said...

there is a good reason for that...?

Doctor Mom™ said...

I thought that you would actually want the Clamato Juice to go with your Clamato chips?

You're fickle!

Anonymous said...

It's a woman's perogative, Doctor Mom. :)

Dale said...

Clamato juice is the main ingredient apart from the vodka in a Bloody Caesar. It might seem like a Bloody Mary but it's spicier and more righteous.