Sunday, September 17, 2006

french fry

Last night we went
out to eat
with some friends...

I'm sitting at the table
My husband is to my left

I was talking with my friend to the right of me
All of a sudden I feel this burning pain on the back of my left hand

I quickly turn to my husband
He sat there with a french fry in his hand and a smile on his face

here is the conversation that ensued:

What!!? What did you just do? Did you burn me with a french fry??

Tim: Was that hot?

Me: Why the hell did you burn me with a french fry??
Why would you do that?

Tim: I wanted to see if it was hot..

Me: The steam rising from the plate wasn't a hint?
You knew it was hot, idiot...

Tim: Have some french fries (big smile)

Me: **sigh**

Tim: At least I didn't burn you with the clamcake that was "way hotter"

Me: thanks

Then our friend yells from other side of the table:
"Just remember... when
He asked you to marry him and you said "YES"

Me: **sigh**

And that's my uneventful weekend..
How was yours?


Anonymous said...

Poor Jen! Dump some crushed ice down his pants and ask him if it's cold.

Jen said...

I love that...

next time I will!

Teri said...

I have to agree with mixednut.

what is he a moron? if he wants to test the temperature let him burn his own damn self.


Jen said...


He knew it was hot
He thinks he's funny

he's not funny

I'm the funny one!!

Teri said...

you would think he knows this by now, Jen.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like more fun than my weekend.

2 fools said...

Nice going, Hetfield.

Joe said...

WOW! Chickfest in da room this morning.