Friday, September 29, 2006

just an email

Since I am extremely tired today
and don't have any thoughts for a post at the moment

Here is yet another quality email from my friend Angela!

I received this moring...


Last night Jack is sitting there doing his homework.
Which looks like this:
over and over again about 20 times... so he's trying to think of words
to fill in the blanks... so he gets through as many as he can think of
and then says: I can't think of any more. So I said, "write the alphabet
down on a separate piece of paper, then go through them and see which
ones make words". He calls me in there a few minutes later and says,
"Well, I went through them all and I can't think of any more."
So I start going through the alphabet and we get to "H" and I say:
"Hump. What about Hump?, you didn't put that one down?"
He turned like 40 shades of red and goes, "MOOOOOOOOOM! I can't write that!"
I said, "Why not, why can't you write hump down? it's a word?"
He's like DYING laughing and goes, "Stop! Stop! saying it!" HAHAHAHA
So I have to draw a bixby to show him that sometimes people have
"humps" and camels have humps, etc... and he's all the while dying laughing
because I keep saying hump. He refused to write it on his paper. HAHAHA
He was KILLING me, this kid.

** FYI a "Bixby" refers to a cartoon

in High School, Instead of writing notes to each other
we would draw cartoons & comic strips
"Bixby" was the name of one of the 1st characters
Angela created and the name just stuck.

I'll try to find some old ones to scan in...I kept a lot of them


Sans Pantaloons said...

high school hump oh yes
bike shed pump jump enjoyed
red neck stump sore lump

Doctor Mom™ said...

Poor kid-- I'll be he would have been mortified if his mom made him write hump on his paper and turn it in.

Kinda like when we used to say ass, and we really meant donkey...

Ok, we never did, but I had to think of something...

Doctor Mom™ said...

Hi Jen--
Here voting for you on BE

Good luck!

Erin said...

I have to say, I love when you post Angela's emails, they crack me up!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Angela has such a young child. She looks much older in her profile pic....

2 fools said...

I look old in my profile picture? Has anyone else noticed this and is just not saying anything? I'm only 33. I'd probably look more my age if I had some teeth, but, it looks like Dick got my share. What's up you toothy-grinned age judger? You wanna go?

Anonymous said...

hahahahaaa! No way, lady!