Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday's make me sad.


Anonymous said...

Why are the Moms doing all the work? How come the little children aren't running those machines??? Stupid people and their lack of color, dont they know how to run a mill??

mikster said...

And it's raining here to boot.

Blogmad hit!

Moderator said...

If Monday's make you sad then the terrorists have won.

Anonymous said...

Aw.. buck up little camper!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the depression, Jen. :)

Sans Pantaloons said...

Here depicted the 1950's Graphic Designers of Caskas A. Cull Ltd,
busily designing their graphs. You can see clearly the patented paper
delivery system, that allows graphs to be designed without end.
Matilda, closest to us, has been at her desk for forty six years now and
produced a graph 28,000 miles long. She will retire next Wednesday, and
as is customary after reaching seventy-eight years of age, will be presented
with a solar powered popcorn maker so that she can fulfill her desire of
making popcorn whilst camping.

She will also be granted one wish on retirement. Matilda has chosen to
free the population from the oppressive drudgery of having to work for a
living, allowing them to live happy worthwhile lives, content and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Jen Jen must be having one hell of a day... only 1 headline on the Slack today. Poor Jen

DadGuy said...

Reminds me of women in the workforce during WW2. Yeah, don't ask.

Am I wierd because I (usually) like my job?

Anonymous said...

dad(guy), that's just plain weird. :)

Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

Me too. Fried Spam: Mr. Roger's Monday

Jen said...

a solar powered popcorn maker
would KICK ASS!!!