Thursday, September 21, 2006

sick update

I'm still sick
I'm sick of being sick, I've had enough
I can't breathe and my head is going to explode

Pure Misery

Feel free to continue the sympathy comments


Dale said...

Stop being sick dammit!

Teri said...

okay, I feel really bad for you now. before I was just laughing at you and had NO sympathy.

do you want some chicken soup? a beer? one of those baby nose suckers?

Anonymous said...

Jen doesn't need a beer. I'll take it.

Anonymous said...

Just looking out for you, Jen! That's what "friends" are for! Anytime!!

Zed said...

Should we get out that end-of-life haiku I prepared for you yesterday?

Joe said...

Get Better my only RI friend!

I just picked 30 oranges from my yard (in all my spare time)and made a gallon of OJ.

Got a big straw?


Doctor Mom™ said...

Ok... here's my recipe
8-10 glasses of water daily
Avoid Caffeine
Frequent hot liquids and hot/steamy showers
Vitamin C
Normal Saline Nasal Spray
Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for body aches...

However, if this is the dreaded Beta Blogger Virus, you might want to begin your own obituary... except don't publish it until you're really dead, cuz that guy on my blog... well, he got a big fine and put in jail!

I'll watch the paper or wait to see what happens on your blog!

I do hope you feel better soon though... Friday might be coming and I would never know it if you're ill!

Anonymous said...

I was feeling great today 'til round about 5:30, then the sneezing, etc. sets in. I think this blog is contaigous.

Get well soon!

Mel said...

I hope you dont have the Plague!

Get better soon, and I mean it young lady!!

DutchBitch said...

Aaaawwwwww Hope you feel better soon! "bettermakekissies" from Dutchyland!