Thursday, September 07, 2006

tenant time

It's Tenant Time Again
This means another field trip kids...

This Week
you've got 2 b kidding
from the Cul-de-Sac

I want all of you to line up single file again
Let's all go and visit Doctor Mom

here we go again with the roll call

Zed & Teri? Has anyone seen Zed & Teri???
They were just here a second ago... Dick- can you go find Zed & Teri

Fab, stop playing with your vector and get in line...
Nobody put down the BBQ Lay’s
Dutch Bitch stop watching Fab play with his vector...

Amy PLEASE shut off that music.. no one wants to listen to
"I had a Bad Day"over and over again

Mr. Gravely stop making threats or your cookie privileges will be revoked
I mean it... play nice



Sans - keep blue beak on a leash I had "pecking" complaints last time,

Your Girl Friday & Scarlet - Steve Irwin would want you to get in line...

Lynda it will be a great journey!
sexy lexi-you can finish your masthead when we get back...
Katt- yes you can bring your banjo, Mel you can take one greyhound JUST ONE
Anne, Mermade, Hapabukbuk, the Pixie, MC, Dale, Dara, Mr. Miller Sir
wonderturtle, joe, stjarna, Kim, Jon, mixednut, Michael, Erin
Ellie, factor 10, D. Prince, Lorraine, WPoFD, gemini, holywriter, Paul B
Jim, monkey, sushiboy, wong blogger
, ned, watercooler, sheila
DeniseNYC, Mainline Mom, Dadguy, cicibug, ❉ pixie ❉, Ritardo

2 Fools no pissing on Dr. moms blog- thanks
unless of course the good doctor asks for a urine sample...

All the anonymous folks lurking about - you're not exempt from this!
Is that everyone? Did I forget anyone?

There will be cookies & juice after you complete your visit
Clamato juice will also be made available upon request

See where it says
No Thumbnail Available - Top Right
Click That


Teri said...

here I am *waving madly*, don't forget me! I want juice and cookies...oh, and to see the new tenant.

who am I kidding, Jen, I visit her all the time but I still want my juice and cookies.

I don't know where my sister is...

Zed, you who, Zed, where ARE YOU??? there are juice and cookies here...........

Anonymous said...

jeez you are pushy. I freaking love that song. But, ok.. I'll turn it off and go visit Dr. Mom... AGAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teri. I was on the phone with a friend when she had a pretty bad car accident (I could HEAR the crunching sound on the phone). She's okay but the car was a total mess. May I have cookies and juice now? I need them.

Jen, I shall NOT be ordered around. No, no, no. Ain't gonna happen. (But I did run over to Doctor Mom's because you asked me to.) :)

Mel said...

I want my jiuce and cookies now please.

Thanks for keeping us all in line :)

Doctor Mom™ said...

Will you look at that?? Blog Explosion got my thumbnail up!!

WOW! They're on it!

Hey everyone here in the Slack! We're voting this weekend and having a Cul-de-Sac BBQ...

We'd love to have you! Come by and see who we nominate for Idiot of the Week!

In Cul-de-Sac, your opinion matters and your vote counts!

Doctor Mom™ said...

Thanks for the organization! You must have been a school teacher in one of your former lives!

Sushiboy said...

Been there, done that. Where is my Clamato?

Anonymous said...

Nutter Butter & Clamoto please.