Friday, September 29, 2006


Miss Kitty is a
Puppy Snatcher
amazing clip...

watch it


Anonymous said...

Cats and dogs living together.
Armegeddon is sure to follow.

Anonymous said...

If the sitch was reversed,
would your title be:
Mr Doggy is a pussy snatcher?

Doctor Mom™ said...

What a good mom! She doesn't carry any prejudice.

Ummmm.. but yeah, I agree with mixed nut, it made me think of Armegeddon and Ghost Busters

Mel said...

I saw this yesterday too cute!!!

Here and voting for you on BE!

Mel said...

Hey jen!! Wave!

Voting again for you :)

Anonymous said...

I think Ashraf really, really likes you Jen!

Jen said...



Anonymous said...

She looks just like my cat.

Amazing video. Thanks for sharing.