Friday, October 20, 2006


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It's Friday Kids...
Happy Dance!


Teri said...

oh, I LOVE that happy dance.

do you think the folks I work with would appreciate if I did that at my desk?

Anonymous said...

I was doing my happy dance at 6am this morning! Yay!!!! Work week over. Ending the week on a mid shift rocks!

2 fools said...

Jon has shift sleep disorder.

Anonymous said...

I think Lexington KY proved that all air traffic controllers have some degree of sleep disorder.

Next year someone will get stuck working this schedule...

tue/wed off Thur 5pm-1am
Fri 3pm-11pm Sat 7am-3pm
Sun 5am-1pm Sun 10:30pm-6:30am

Remember kids, safety is our passion!

Doctor Mom™ said...

This is a happy day!

I am so thrilled... this week was rough, I didn't think I'd ever see Friday!

Thank you for sponsoring Friday again Jen!