Monday, October 09, 2006

it's Monday

but I have the day off

my deepest sympathy
to all those who are working today


Teri said...

yea, thanks for the sympathy....

have a good day off.

I think I'm taking Friday off.

Zed said...

Have a great Columbus Day! I'm working...

I sent you 3 emails this weekend--did you get them? Or are you ignoring me? :( Hey, just because you lost the Seinfeld Quiz is no reason to harbor ill will toward me. You lost--okay? Get over it! :)

Have a fun day!

Lynda said...

Tuesday will just feel like Monday to you now, you know.

Jen said...


I got them -
and yes I was ignoring you

Just kidding!!

I would never ignore
the Great Zed

Sometimes I'm a "slacker"

You know you're my favorite
(don't tell Teri)

I thought you were going to fix the Seinfeld contest so I would win

What the hell happened???


Jen said...

quiet down Lynda..

Anonymous said...

I think Lynda does have a valid point. She's got a good head on her shoulders.

Zed said...

I KNEW I was your favorite! I KNEW it! Shhh, don't tell Teri ... she's so touchy about these things... lol

Pfft! and many more.

BTW I had a 10-letter word verif. to post here. What? Do I have ALL DAY to waste with 10-letter word verifs??? lol Pfft.

Sushiboy said...

Rub it in why don't ya? :P

Anonymous said...

That's just mean. You didn't have to wave it in our faces! =)

Teri said...

waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I knew sis was your favorite

waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *sniff, sniff* waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

DutchBitch said...

Thank you darlin' for the sympathy... I feel for you as well that you had to spend that whole day off... Must have been a drag...

Zed said...

Teri, it's okay to be number 2 sometimes. Don't feel bad. You can't always be first!!

This gives you something to strive for. Me--I've reached the pinnacle of success and there's nowhere to go but down. Sad.


Jen said...

Anonymous & Sushiboy
- but That was true sincerity!!

Teri - you know YOU are my favorite
(don't tell Zed)

DutchBitch- it was a drag.. I wish
I worked.. oh wait.. no I don't
HAHA! =)

Dick- Quiet Down...

Anonymous said...

Oh sure!

Your work must not be THAT bad to have Columbus Day off.

Anonymous said...

You're so fickle, Jen. My heart breaks.

It's okay Teri, you can be #1. :(
(dragging myself to the corner of the room and sobbing gently... my cats Frankie and Johnny move quietly towards me to comfort me... Johnny begins to meow softly ...)

Jen said...


you are BOTH my favorites
equal favorites

Teri said...

sorry Jen, she's not a graceful loser but every once in awhile you have to show her who's boss.

pfft to you sis, be a good loser and stop being so competitive.

Mel said...

I officially hate you for being off. Besides I thought I was the fav!! I know, its because I am a dog person isnt it???

Anonymous said...

Haha! I didn't lose. Jen likes me just as much as you Teri. Pfft! (I'm exhausted with all this bickering. I need a nap!)