Tuesday, July 25, 2006

All I wanted was a bagel

Tim Hortons
But don’t worry it’s not about
my bagel or coffee this time
it's about a conversation that
took place in line

I’m standing in line waiting for my bagel
and this is the conversation I witnessed...

Cashier: Talking to another Tim Hortons employee says:
Well that’s what Alyssa told me, I couldn't believe it!!

Man in Line: (Really Loud) And You know how Alyssa can be!
And I don’t even know Alyssa HAHahaha hah hahaa

(I guess he was trying to be funny but it didn’t work out for him)

Cashier: (all serious, looks at man in line and says) "Alyssa is a girl that works
here and she was telling me how she was named after Alyssa Milano on
"Who’s the Boss". I thought it was ironic because I too named my daughter
after Alyssa Milano on Who’s the Boss, it was such a great show."

Man in line: Awkward silence - followed by a blank stare

I just stood there Horrified & thinking to myself...
WHO THE HELL would openly admit they named their kid after
Alyssa Milano from Who’s the Boss???? For christ sake just
say you like the name "Alyssa".. you don’t have to be that specific.

Not to mention - what are he odds of TWO PEOPLE being named
after the girl from that shitty tv show that was on in 1984?
- I had to get out of there.

She was so proud of it, she had this huge smile on her face.

I was embarrassed for her.

I got my bagel and left..


Anonymous said...

.... "and I don't even know Alyssa" .... hahahaaaaaaahahhaaa!! That cracks me up!

Ben said...

Wow. I mean....wow.


Scarlet said...

Say hi to Fonz the mechanic,
Mr Cunningham at the hardware store to Mr Kotter at the next PTA meeting.