Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I must have one

I want one of these for a pet
and I want one now!
go watch this!


Annie said...

Wicked cute. I just wonder how sharp its nails are though.

Corey said...

Soooo cute. You know, a few years ago, Jodi and I hosted one for a summer. While it was short-lived, the memories have endured. Anyway, we got her through the local university. I don't know that you can keep them as pets, however.


Jen said...

Doubt you can have one as a pet

But I would love to own one!

I don't think my cats would like it
too much!

EJL said...

I have a pet rock

Corey said...

I was speaking of the Japanese girl.

Jen said...

Our local university doesn't
hand out Japanese girls
However, I hear you can
get a fine looking German for the summer. Nice to have around the house...

Lynda said...

I have too many pets as it is.