Monday, July 17, 2006

David Hasselhoff
is 54 today!

In honor of his birthday
here's a nice music video
click me

*Warning- May Cause
Nausea and Vomiting


Anonymous said...

You love him

Jen said...


Anonymous said...

Jen, Jen, Jen..... laughter can't mask the true feelings you have Jen. We all know. But it's OKAY. Really, we understand (kind of, well not really but we love you anyway. Sort of). Admit it, you love David Hasselhoff. Did I ever mention I used to LOOK like Mr. H.?? I'm not sure if I did.

Anonymous said...

David Hasselhoff is hot!!!

That perfect face, that hairy chest, It makes me want to play naked leap frog with him.

EJL said...

I can't even believe he posed close to nude...everytime I see that pic, nevermind the fact it's hanging up in a retirement home, but it makes me vomit.

Lynda said...

A little trivia for you. Did know before the plastic surgery, Dick Small use to look like David Hasselhoff?

And I think I will skip the video. I already saw a Knight Rider one earlier today. Well, about 30 seconds before my stomach started turning.