Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Speaking of bad movies

Speaking of bad movies
I turned on the tv tonight and
what movie is on HBO?
Ummmm Popeye

Are they fucking kidding?
Do you know how much my cable bill is?
It's HUGE!!

And they dare to play crap movies like Popeye?


The Slack has been insulted.


Anonymous said...

But the baby was so cute..

Jason said...

Crap? It was Robin Williams at his coked out prime in a Robert Altman film. I haven't seen it since I was a kid, but I do have fond memories.

D. Prince said...

I have often wondered why, oh why is it so hard for them to play good movies.

Out of the thousands that have been made surely they could find better.

Mel said...

I hear ya! Although they redeemed themselves a bit last night when they played Napoleon Dynamite.

Annie said...

Right on sister, amen.

Dale said...

I've never actually seen this movie. So I should go buy it immediately? Is there a 'Special Edition'?

Anonymous said...

This movie rules.

Anonymous said...

Popeye sucked.
el stinko!

Jim said...

I know alot of people who love this film. It's a classic Altman film. We tried watching it last night but grew tired of it pretty quickly. I think he did a decent job in adapting the comic strip (and I suppose cartoon) to live-action, but that doesn't mean it's a good movie. The pacing and editing was too slow for my tastes.

Oh, and HBO SUCKS!! TV SUCKS!! The only reason why I pay money for stupid cable are for those 2-3 HBO series per year. I'm considering dropping cable all-together and just renting those shows on DVD when they become available. Shoot your television - it rots your brain and soul.

woobot said...

I thought the production design on Popeye was cool. And I had the soundtrack when I was a kid. F*yeah!

Jen said...

production design was cool
everything looked great

BUT it was so slowwwww
And all the singing... the awful singing