Thursday, July 20, 2006

why is it

Nobody Ever Listens to Me.

We had a walk way put in on the side of the house
the guy came to give us an estimate
we told him what we wanted and where we wanted it

He asked me
"Do you want it right up against the flower bed?"

My Reply: "No.. I want it out from the flower bed because
I'm going to put mulch on both sides of it."
(I then proceeded to mark in the dirt where I wanted it.)
"So I definitely want it in the middle not against it"
Landscape Guy: "No problem"
He scribbles stuff down on his notebook

We stood around, talked about pavers etc.
I then repeat that fact that I didn't want it
right near the flower bed.
He nodded. He totally understood what I was saying.

Landscape Guy: "Okay, this is easy,
I'll probably do it on a day I can fit in a small job."
"I know exactly what you want, so one day you'll go to work and
when you come home it will be done"


We call a couple weeks later to confirm
he told my husband -
"I got it all written down, everything you want
I have all the measurements, I'll try to do it this week."

I even put markers on the ground where I wanted it.

Tuesday morning I go to work
I come home and the walkway was done

Now look at the picture.

Do you see where it is?
Does it look like it's away from the flower bed?

Do I speak fucking english?
Do I have a speech impediment I'm not aware of?

I don't understand.



Jim said...

I hear similar nightmare stories from all my friends who are home owners. When did the quality level drop so incredibly???

What are you going to do? Are you going to have him redo it?

That sucks!

Jen said...

I'm gonna to keep it
I just have to lower the flower bed now, more work for me. Yay!

The guy gave me such a great price and he worked on it in 1oo degree weather.. I just couldn't make him redo for a few inches.

I still like the way it looks
it's just the principle..
Nobody listens!!

Scarlet said...

Better move that red arrow out the way too!! Someone could trip over it and hurt themselves...and sue your ASS OFF!!!

mmm, forget i said that...I'll be right over

Joe said...

Maybe he wasn't too bright? He is a brick laying kinda guy. As I recall, they usually don't need extensive note taking skills to perform. The same can be said of those working in every department store, supermarket, autoshop, DMV, post office (these folks lead the way)...

Scarlet said...

So if she complains,, the guy will go "postal"? Shoot first and then himself before cops arrive...

Changed my mind..I WONT be right over!

He's no match for Mr Gravely

Jen said...

Mr. Gravely will bury the bodies

just for fun!

Teri said...

what a classic answer Scarlet, if I had liquid in my mouth it would have spewed all over my computer.

I think contractors in general NEVER listen.

Mr. Gravely will have a blast burying the bodies, they'll make for great fertilizer.

Annie said...

My landscaper does'nt listen to me either. I told him I wanted grass near my deck next to a big boulder in the ground- Did he seed it? NOOOOOOO.
Why? Because he disagreed with my idea. He felt it would'nt look right!
Remind me again WHO'S PAYING FOR IT????? UGH.

Anonymous said...

I dont listen to Jen, Annie, or anyone else because I am an Artist! Do you tell Monet how to paint? No! Dont tell me how to design your yard. I will give you what I want and it will be fabulous!

Dale said...

Boy he really screwed you. And not where you wanted him too. I'd do it up against the flower bed.

Lynda said...

Me no understandy. Maybe his brain was a bit fried from the heat.