Friday, July 14, 2006

And now
for your viewing pleasure
here is William Shatner
"It Was a Very Good Year"

click this


kattbanjo said...

shatner is sexy. Nice new look by the way

D. Prince said...

I Love Shatner!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the "Golden Throats" album, Rhino Records greatest re-discovery ;~D

Thnks for the memories... even if they weren't very good ;~d

Lynda said...

Does he talk through the whole thing? My husband asked if it was Johnny Cash. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Side note. My word verification is boxes. Finally! A real word!)

Anonymous said...

Only one man is as good as William Shatner. Who is that one man???

Tony Danza!!!

Janet said...

Not loving Shatner has made me love him.

He's like a living, breathing double negative.