Saturday, July 08, 2006


the slack.. is back - did you miss me?

We went to Maine for a few days - Bar Harbor
Oh Wait,
That's BAA HA BA
if you're from New England.
Just a 6 hour drive to the North

We have decided to buy a Summer Home
in Bar Harbor

(when we win powerball that is)

here are some pics - click to make bigger
I have more posts about my trip
but not right now...
I'm too depressed that my vacation is over
so I'm going to go find a corner to sit in and cry for a while.

Be back later


Anonymous said...

Right Jen, we all know you stayed at the Econo Lodge. One with a lounge, of course....
btw, these DAMN visual verifications, they always pull up blank and i have to refresh like 5 times!!!! I'll try it again, but if it doesn't pull up, I'm outta here and then we ALL suffer....

Anonymous said...

And what exactly is wrong with the Econo Lodge? The one I stayed at had very friendly roaches.

It looks beautiful, Jen. Don't cry too long, depression can seriously effect the powerball ju ju.

Anonymous said...

Not that there's anything WRONG with it, per-se. As long as it has a lounge, of course.

Annie said...

You're FINALLY BACK! What's up friend?
How was the Lobster? Oh wait, that was my vacation(every year)-long ride for a dinner. =0)

p.s. those pics look so familiar-things don't change much at Baa Ha Ba...

Jim said...

Welcome back, Jen!!!!
I, too, have the post-vacation blues.

Jen said...

no econo for the slack!!

Anonymous said...

But if it has a LOUNGE??? With live entertainment? The entertainment being Wayne Newton??? I'm sure you'd change you mind. I would.

I hear my aunt Anita's doing Econo Lodge Lounges these days (I mean, since she flushed her career down the toilet and all. Did I ever tell you that story??).