Sunday, July 09, 2006

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There were free buses that would take
you from your hotel into town... very convenient
While sitting in the front seat I happened to look down
and noticed in between the tool box and bus drivers lunch bag was
"the Body Fluid Cleanup Kit"

How much body fluid can you pick up with this little can?
What's in there? - A Wet Nap?

Do bus drivers need to use this kit often?

I didn't see a first aid kit anywhere...
Apparently In Maine
They just go straight to the body fluid cleanup


Scarlet said...

And the driver keeps his "Taming Nosey Travellers Knife Set" hidden in his jacket???

Did the bus have CSI/police tape on it when it arrived??

Jen said...

not a problem!
with the new
"the Body Fluid Cleanup Kit"

It makes cleaning bodily fluid fun!

Moderator said...

I meant to hide that better.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would be much more interested in the "Body Fluid Extraction Kit". Now THAT would be fun!

Annie said...

Yikes. Traveling can be so scary. I guess I mean people can be so scary...

Anonymous said...

Yes, they can!