Sunday, July 30, 2006


We went to a car show today
Wait...Let me re-phrase that
Friends of ours demanded we attend
a car show with them.

It was at least 180 degrees out...
I nearly died from heat stroke

There's nothing better than walking around
in the blistering sun with sweat dripping down
your face looking at cars that you will never own or
cars you would like to own but can't afford.
Nothing spells fun like a summer car show

Here are some pics
Don't bother asking me questions like
What year is that car?

How the hell would I know.

most of the people there
looked like this guy...

And that's my weekend... it was hot


Annie said...

That's my uncle Jorge. He skipped town a few years ago. I know it's him because he looted my grandma's closet and made off with her favorite shirt. ;)
Nice cars- but glad I did'nt go.

Anonymous said...

No Xibit?

Jen said...

Butternut Squaw-
I do love to complain

Ann- uncle Jorge is
one hip and trendy guy!

Jen said...

the Holywriter - no xibit
there were only old people wearing bad shirts

corey - Airshow is better
but it's still in the scorching sun

I vote for being in A/C when it's
almost 100 out!

Anonymous said...

I love the red Mustang! :o)

Jen said...

that one was my husband's fave too

Moderator said...

That's not Jorge! That's me! Seriously! Small fucking world, huh?

Lynda said...

hahahahaha!! I would have pretended to faint just to get out of it. Oh, wait. It was hot. I would have really fainted.