Friday, July 28, 2006

work sucks

This morning I was so comfortable
You know when you're in that 1/2 awake, 1/2 asleep zone
and your lying in bed all cozy...

The A/C was on
the overhead fan was creating this nice
breeze across my face
my pillow was at peak softness

Then my alarm clock went off

I woke up to Nick Lachey...
If I had a sledge hammer next to me this morning
that clock would have
been in a million fucking pieces

I could have slept for days.

God I hate going to work, it wrecks everything.


Anonymous said...

Don't go to work anymore. See what happens. :)

Rapunzel said...

Hon, I would give ANYTHING to wake up to Nick Lachey. In person though. And him not singing.

Lynda said...

If you don't come to work Friday, don't bother coming in Monday.

Woohoo! Four day weekend!

Jen said...

Zed - Should I?? so tempting!!

Rapunzel - HAhaHHaHAHaA

Lynda - A Four Day Weekend does sound nice!!

Annie said...

Let me tell you right now, if you don't show up, your dead. DEAD!

Mel said...

I agree with that last statement. Work does ruin a perfectly good day!