Saturday, July 08, 2006


We Went on a Whale Watch
We got there an hour early to get good seats

We drive out for about an hour
the guide says there are finbacks up ahead!
We stand up to take a look
At that moment...
the entire back of the boat RUNS up to the front
and proceeded to stand in front of me
Here they are...

I just paid $100 to look at the backs of heads?
I hate you all.

We ended up seeing tons of Whales!
They all came to the left of the boat
Where I was standing!! Hehehe!

(This doesn't change the fact that I hate
those no good sons of bitches that pushed their way to the front)

This crazy old guy comes over to our seats.
We are standing right near them.
He looks at me - I look at him
He Looks at our seats
Then with a stiff arm proceeds to brush all of my stuff
off to the side practically knocking my things to the ground.
and then he sits on my camera case

My husband looks at me - I look at the guy
the guy looks at both of us
sits there about 1 minute then wanders back to the back of the boat

Yeah.. I took his pic
What an asshole.

You tell me... Does this look like the seats are taken?
Yeah, I thought so

Okay other than that
the whale watch was great
we saw harbor seals, whales & porpoises
I highley recommend it!

Just watch out for the crazy people.


Anonymous said...

How freakin' COOL!! I have to do that one day, it's not like there aren't enough opportunities here on the west coast.

I can't believe how retarded some people are. And by some people I mean that stuff-pusher-over dude.

Jim said...

We went whale watching off of Santa Barbara a few years ago and it was amazing. Seeing those whales that close... it was almost a spiritual experience. Highlight was seeing a blue whale!

Jen said...

You should do it, it's something
you'll never forget!

I saw Humpback in Alaska
it was amazing

Jen said...

Mr. Fab
Will you do it for $5?

Anonymous said...

Once on a whale watch trip, i left my water bottle on my seat to look at a whale, and when I returned an overweight lesbian was drinking from my water bottle (she mistook it for hers). I let her have the water bottle. Somehow I didn't want it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'll do it for $5. I'm not proud (I mean, take just one look at my blog)...

Scarlet said...


....imagine the tinkering noises of her tiny brain as she holds "her" two drink bottles in each hand.

"gee Dolores, I'm sure I only brought one with us?"

Scarlet said...

Uncle Cletus would pay instead of taking the cash...

Actually, the range on his Home Detention Device would prevent him from travelling that far..Sorry to get your money grubbing hopes up.

Mel said...

I am jealous, I have never seen whales. Or the back of Mr Fab's head..........

Annie said...

Hey I think that's my grandpappy.

Lynda said...

hahaha. I hate when people do crazy stuff like that.

If I ever see that guy I will return the favor for you. Beautiful pictures, btw.