Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine Trailer
I Love Steve Carrell & Greg Kinnear
This movie should be great! ... I hope.
watch the trailer


hapabukbuk said...

i have to brag, saw it last night!
it was FANTASTIC!!! everyone must go see!!
i heart steve carrell. watch out nancy...

Nicole said...

Hey Jen, I read your comments at Ellie's place and got a good laugh. I also like your taste in movies.
Did you ever read the book the Shipping News? It's very well written.
I also love steve carrell, was under-rated for sooo long!

Jen said...

hapabukbuk - now I can't wait to see it!

Nicole - I haven't read the book
but thanks I'll check it out

Thanks for stopping by
Come back often I update daily

Lynda said...

The link is borken for me. For the trailer, not the website.