Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Comic-Con '06

The Top 15 Things
Learned at Comic-Con '06

are here

I don't read comics but Comic-Con
Looks Fun - Why does it have to
be in San Diego?

Damn You West Coast!

8 pages of funny pictures from Comic-Con here

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GeminiWisdom said...

My fiancee went to this last week. I went with him 2 years ago and he ended up on the front page of USA Today. He and a bunch of people are in an organization called the 501st Dune Sea Garrison. They make movie quality Star Wars costumes and do charity work (like visits to the local Phx Children's Hospital, the MS Walk, etc). My fiancee dresses up as Darth Maul. He shaes his head, does his own make-up, everything. That's how ended up on the cover of USA Today.

And yes, they're fun. Especially the panels. When I went, I got to see Keanu Reeves (when he was promoting "Constantine"..and saw a 20 min clip from the movie), Cillian Murphy and the director promoting "Batman Begins", Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds promoting "Blade Trinity"...it was pretty cool. You should go. It's not just comic books.