Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm not a shoplifter

we went to
Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's has these "reward cards"
You get points when you buy stuff, then they send you
gift certificates after you spend about 9 trillion dollars

I couldn't remember if I had gotten a new card after I moved
So I asked the cashier if she could tell what address
was on my card
Her reply: "oh, I dunno"

Okay, I'll just open a new card under my husbands name
Then I asked: What if I did change my address already and
I forgot, and my husband opens a new account with the
same address.. will that cancel my old account?
Her reply: "oh, I dunno"

Okay, thank you, you've been very helpful.

So I just fill out my new card, I pay for my stuff...
We head out the door and the alarm goes off. Now I'm aggravated
The 16 year old store manager with bad hair comes running over.

I have the "I'm an annoyed customer look on my face"
He starts to go through the bag my husband holding

I glance down at my bag - and happen to see a shirt that I had
draped over my arm that I totally forgot to put on the counter and pay for.


I held it up in the air and said.. oh maybe it's this shirt that I didn't pay for
He looked at me... I looked at him...

he gave me the "yeah, right lady" look.

My reply: I forgot it was there, I was so involved with the
"dicks card sign up procedure"

He said no problem.

They totally thought
I was a shoplifter.

I could feel it.
It's painful when a sixteen year old manager
gives you accusing stares.

Not a good story.. but a story none the less.
Like I said, I had an uneventful weekend.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain... not to long ago I was food shopping. I had one of those car carriages. My 2 boys were in the car.. My daughter was in the infant seat on top of the carriage... I just spent $200 on groceries...As Im walking out the door a 16 year old with bad hair and acne (who loved her job way to much) stopped me and said, "Maam, did you pay for those milk and eggs?" I gave her my version of the annoyed customer look because my daughter was crying and my boys were fighting with each other.... I said, "Excuse me?" Then I looked down next to the infant seat I saw to my horror a dozen eggs and a half gallon of whole milk that I crammed on the side because I ran out of room when shopping... I was mortified.... Everybody was looking at me like I just ran in the store with a gun and shot innocent women and children... I had to find a register to pay for the items...Now every time I take my kids shopping I have to check my carriage like 50 times before I walk out for fear that the girl with the bad hair and acne will approach me again....

Not only that but....

Not long ago they arrested a public official in RI for walking out of supermarket with $34 worth of seafood that he could not produce a reciept for.. It was all over the papers and local news... There was another incident in Rhode island where a man stole baby formula from a local supermarket. When approached by police he tried to hit the officer with his car. He was shot and killed.

It is very BAD to be suspected of shop lifting in RI

Jen said...

If I was that 16 year old
I would have noticed the eggs and milk... shrugged my shoulders and told you to have a nice day.

Who can be bothered.

not me! haha!

Anonymous said...

We have done that!! HA!

Scarlet said...

1: Jen, when walking out with items. Pick smaller ones that wont have a security tag. socks, ties, towels, blah blah

2. I was a grocery manager (long time ago) I usually "didn't see" the items, well only if i liked them BUT if I took an instant dislike.."STOP THEIF!!"

Anonymous said...

Damn Rhode Island criminals

Wil said...

Oops! Do they have WiFi at the county jail???

Anonymous said...

I'll believe you, Jen, if you'll believe I am innocent.

Lynda said...

We have Dick's also. I went looking for some medicine balls, and you can imagine how quickly the dicussion deteriorated between my husband and myself.

Excellent story! Sorry it happened to you though. Kids with acne think they are invincible. You probably will be a story he tells his grandkids.