Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chad Vader -
Day Shift Manager
(episode 1)



Anonymous said...

That was funny... Brings back memeories of the supermarket job long ago

Jen said...

that girl reminded me of you
when he asked her to work on Saturday
and she's says no and walks away

Anonymous said...


Jim said...

I just posted this, with the same picture, and hadn't seen yours yet! Weeeird!!!

Jen said...

I love when that happens

Anonymous said...

Im at work and cant watch the movie till I go home. I am eagerly counting down my final 3 hours though until I can get out of this prision and watch Chad Vader.

I think when I retire in 18 years and 10 months Im going to go full circle and work part time at a grocery store. I can be the crazy way too old to be working with all teenagers guy.

Lynda said...

I bet that guy has trouble getting laid.

I loved the banana peel part.